• Have you or your loved one been diagnosed with OCD? If yes, how long did it take you to get the proper diagnosis? How much do you think you know about your illness? 

  • Have you or your loved one struggled with anxieties that have not gotten better with conventional treatments and you catch yourself obsessing about fears that are irrational and have no basis?

  • Has your relationship struggled due to your fears, behaviors, that are frustrating your spouse and you find yourself feeling helpless?

  • Have you been diagnosed or have a suspicion that you may be struggling with OCD?

  • Are you a general practitioner, nurse practitioner, student, medical student, getting your training in psychiatry or internal / family medicine and want to have some basic skills on OCD, how to help my patients come to early diagnosis, where to send them, what resources to provide them and how to council them?

Then this course may help both the providers and the general public to understand what OCD is, what are the signs and symptoms, biology, and what are some self-help strategies by which we can manage our OCD or share with our patients of how to accept and manage this very treatable but disabling mental health condition.

Dr. Najmun Riyaz

Dr. Najmun Riyaz, MD is a board-certified practicing psychiatrist and an ICF-certified empowerment coach. She is a founder of Zehen Global LLC, a virtual psychiatric practice for working women in the State of New Jersey. She also runs a small coaching practice where she coaches women in healthcare to empower them and help them grow out of toxic relationships, both in their personal or professional lives. 

Dr. Najmun completed her residency at Saint Elizabeth’s medical center, affiliated with the Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA, and the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life sciences in Toledo, Ohio.


Who is this course for?

This course is for students, residents, any healthcare professionals, psychiatrists, therapists, parents, or the general public to gain awareness of what is OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, learn in simple wording, about what this disorder is, what are signs and symptoms, and what are various treatment modalities and how the treatment is essential, how we can manage it, as well as some self-help strategies that can help us manage it. 

Can this course help me cure my OCD?

No. This course is not a replacement for Therapy and or psychiatric treatment. Even though Dr. Riyaz is a psychiatrist and practices in New Jersey, she is not claiming to be your psychiatrist, nor do you become her client, or share a patient/doctor relationship by buying or taking this course. Through this course, her goal is to teach the public and students about this condition, and how treatment through medication and therapy is crucial to living a productive life, in case you or your loved one is diagnosed with OCD. Throughout this course, Dr. Riyaz encourages people to treat OCD as a condition like any other condition, and not think that it is something that has bought on themselves, or that they are less than others, they are flawed, or do not have control over their mind. but it is like any other medical condition and needs treatment through proper mental health professionals.

How long do I have access to this course?


Do I have to seek help for OCD?

Yes. Self-help strategies can help us to manage OCD, or even decrease the need for higher doses of medicine, but OCD is a serious psychiatric condition, and it needs treatment through proper professionals.

Can I outgrow my OCD?

No. OCD is a chronic condition, but with treatment, therapy, and managing our daily stress, we can decrease the intensity and help us live a productive life.

Can I seek treatment from Dr. Riyaz?

If you are a resident of New Jersey, then you can visit her website at www.zehenglobalpsych.com to see if you are eligible to receive services from her. She is only licensed to practice psychiatry in the State of New Jersey.

Does Dr. Riyaz specialize in OCD?

No. Dr. Riyaz is a general adult Psychiatrist. She treats most psychiatric disorders including OCD with medications, but she recommends all her clients with OCD, seek. psychotherapy from therapists who have expertise in dealing with OCD through CBT/ACT or ERP. We have attached a handout with the course, with all the important resources for OCD. To find a specialist in your area for OCD, you can either go to www.psychologytoday.com or call your health insurance.

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This course or these handouts will not replace therapy or psychiatric treatment for OCD. Kindly contact your local mental health providers, a psychiatrist and therapist who specializes in OCD for continued and ongoing care. This course is only meant to gain education on OCD, and also the handouts can be used as methods to gain better awareness of your condition as well as to provide additional support as you are being treated by your local therapist and psychiatrist. These handouts cannot be reproduced or shared. We would also love to hear from you if you found this course and handouts helpful and if you are looking for any changes or future topics you would like us to make content/ courses on regarding emotional and mental wellbeing.